Re: help with data on webkit accessibility

The Orca meta bug for WebKitGtk is:

Of the total 62 bugs, we have 19 to go. Plus any others we find along
the way (e.g. crashers, things we discover when actually writing the
Orca script, etc.)


On Tue, 2010-02-23 at 11:37 -0600, Kenny Hitt wrote:
> Hi.
> After the recent discussion on this list, I filed a bug in Debian to try to 
> ask them to not use webkit for yelp.
> The Debian maintainer replyed and told me he thought the accessibility issues
> were resolved.  A quick sirch for webkit on didn't
> find any bugs.  I'm sure I didn't
> use the right search terms.
> Would someone who knows please provide me with links to bug reports or post
> comments to:
> The Debian maintainer said the gecko backend wasn't currently in a buildable
> state and gave me the impression webkit is likely to stay the default unless
> I can convince him differently.
> Thanks.
>           Kenny
> BTW, Ubuntu users might want to consider filing a similar bug so Ubuntu 
> knows about the problems with webkit.
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