Re: An Open Letter to Oracle on the Topic Of Accessibility

Nolan Darilek <nolan thewordnerd info> wrote:
> Interesting, gnome-terminal has always worked fine for me. I do get
> occasional odd breakage, but usually only on the level of annoyance,
> and likely due to me using edge versions of certain apps and
> libraries. I wonder if it may be a distribution issue? I know that
> how some distros integrate Orca and other accessibility components
> can make for a much less accessible experience.

Not to mention, for speech users, how they handle audio.

I use Debian, and I think I've been spared some of the problems discussed on
the Orca list as a result. My impression is that some distributions make many
more default choices for the user than does Debian. Orca and Gnome
accessibility also tend to attract quite a number of inexperienced users who
haven't learned their way around a Unix-type operating system, and for whom
dealing with problems is more difficult than it would be to those of us who
approach the situation with the benefit of greater knowledge and familiarity
with the software environment.

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