Re: An Open Letter to Oracle on the Topic Of Accessibility

On 02/21/2010 11:18 PM, Kenny Hitt wrote:
Second, I think it's a very gloomy, pessimistic and vague view. What
Since I was apparently wrong about Apple, there doesn't appear to be any good examples of success.  That's sad.

Sad, not necessarily. At least accessibility is being viewed more as a right than as some privilege handed out by expensive AT vendors. No one is perfect, but at least companies like Apple are trying to improve.
Thanks.  Looks like you are having much greater success with Gnome.
I haven't tried to solve the latest problems yet because I'm just frustrated at having to do this again.
When they broke gnome-terminal badly with the 2.28 release, I basically gave up on Gnome.  I know that bug should be
fixed by now, so I'll probably go back to using it eventually.

Interesting, gnome-terminal has always worked fine for me. I do get occasional odd breakage, but usually only on the level of annoyance, and likely due to me using edge versions of certain apps and libraries. I wonder if it may be a distribution issue? I know that how some distros integrate Orca and other accessibility components can make for a much less accessible experience.

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