Review small tasks suitable for student competition

Project:Possibility [1] organise the SS12 [2] coding competitions to
get students working on and excited about open source accessibility
projects. The students hack over a weekend and are judged. This year
there are 3 competitions with the finals at the CSUN conference [3],
which GNOME are attending for the second year. We're excited to say
CSUN are also running in the competitions this year.

Last year we had 2 teams working on Caribou features [4]. This
introduced the students to working with a real open source project. It
also got some awesome student energy focussed on adding features into
a GNOME a11y project. We'd like to do more of this for the next round,
but we need good weekend hacking project ideas and mentors.

So the ask is that everyone review and update the small task wiki page
[5] and add more ideas. For example the Caribou task to add skinning
was recently patched by Eitan, The idea could perhaps now be updated
to build cool features into Caribou based on this work? API already
suggested Accerciser bug fixes and new plugins. So any cool ideas
plugin ideas are most welcome, but bug fixes might not work so well in
a competition unless careful chosen.

We also need mentors willing to be guide the students before, during
and after the SS12 event. Last year Ben Konrath did a fantastic job
and the students were issued certificates for contribution to GNOME by
Stormy. So is anyone interested in mentoring next year?

Bryen is joining us in the Project:Possibility board meeting on 07/01
to discuss this and it would be great to have more ideas or mentors by

3: http://

Steve Lee

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