2010/12/30 15:00 UTC a11y weekly meeting. Same bat-time DIFFERENT bat-channel

Hey all.

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our next 15:00 UTC a11y team meeting.
The agenda, along with links to the minutes of previous meetings can be
found at: http://live.gnome.org/Accessibility/Meetings

NOTE: As the subject[0] suggests, Piñeiro and I have been thinking that
it might make sense to have the meetings in a dedicated meeting room
like #a11y-meeting. Aside from the fact that it's what a lot of the cool
<strike>kids</strike> teams do, this would have a couple of advantages:
non-meeting discussion can still take place during meeting times; less
pinging of (and waiting for) team members who are in the room but not
actually present for input during the meeting.

We discussed this at the last team meeting, but it was in the wee-hours
for many and the holiday season for most. So if anyone strongly objects
to having the meeting in #a11y-meeting, let us know. Otherwise, that is
where it will be.

See y'all tomorrow!

[0] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman_(TV_series)#After_the_cliff-hangers

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