Re: Ideas wanted for student weekend a11y code-a-thon

BTW the dates for the SS12 events are

CSUN -- Feb 5-6
USC -- Feb 19-20
UCLA -- Feb 26-27


On 20 December 2010 17:09, Steve Lee <steve fullmeasure co uk> wrote:
> HI
> Project:Possibility are starting to organise next year's SS12 CS
> student competitions and are looking for ideas again. This year we're
> really pleased to announce that CSUN are joining USC and UCLA, meaning
> we will have 3 events. We also hope to have the finals and
> presentations at CSUN conference like last year. That means lots of
> opportunities to introduce students to GNOME a11y and get them working
> on projects.
> Last year Ben Konrath did a great job leading 2 teams to work on
> Caribou. Thus these students got an first class introduction to and
> experience in open source development that is otherwise unusual,
> except for self motivated individuals. We were very pleased to hear
> from the students last year that contributing to a 'real' open source
> project like GNOME was a big motivator.
> If you have any ideas for projects please do add them to (or otherwise update)
> The students get to pick ideas from a short list, so if you are lucky
> yours will be worked on. The ideas need to be small enough and self
> contained such they can be worked on over a weekend and have a chance
> of doing well in the judging. Students won't have much time to get up
> to speed with existing code bases.
> Thanks
> --
> Steve Lee
> Full Measure - open source accessibility -

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