Ideas wanted for student weekend a11y code-a-thon


Project:Possibility are starting to organise next year's SS12 CS
student competitions and are looking for ideas again. This year we're
really pleased to announce that CSUN are joining USC and UCLA, meaning
we will have 3 events. We also hope to have the finals and
presentations at CSUN conference like last year. That means lots of
opportunities to introduce students to GNOME a11y and get them working
on projects.

Last year Ben Konrath did a great job leading 2 teams to work on
Caribou. Thus these students got an first class introduction to and
experience in open source development that is otherwise unusual,
except for self motivated individuals. We were very pleased to hear
from the students last year that contributing to a 'real' open source
project like GNOME was a big motivator.

If you have any ideas for projects please do add them to (or otherwise update)

The students get to pick ideas from a short list, so if you are lucky
yours will be worked on. The ideas need to be small enough and self
contained such they can be worked on over a weekend and have a chance
of doing well in the judging. Students won't have much time to get up
to speed with existing code bases.


Steve Lee

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