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On Thu, 2010-12-09 at 12:08 -0500, Heidi Ellis wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> What about OSCON? Its big and RedHat/Fedora had a booth last year. Don't
> know about cost. 
> Heidi

Thanks Heidi for that suggestion!

All are indeed possible to add to the list.  The accessibility-oriented
conferences are definitely easy to target.  General FOSS conferences
take a bit of consideration to determine what it is we want to do there.
Some conferences are enterprise-targeted, some are developer-targeted,
etc.  FOSDEM certainly provided an opportunity to target the developer

By no means am I ruling out OSCON.  At this last event, from what I
gathered from the GNOME Marketing team, it wasn't useful to have a booth
at that conference because it didn't have desktop focus.   Now, maybe
that assumption is incorrect.  And for our unique goal of spreading the
accessibility message, it may indeed be more appropriate for us to
attend.  We should take a look at the conference more closely and look
to what we may accomplish there.  Costs, resources and goals are obvious
considerations to make for any conference we wish to go to.

Heidi, as you have more experience with OSCON, (I was only there for
that one night for the education BoF) you might think about a good
accessibility presentation that fits the audience there.  

The bigger the picture we have for 2011 opportunities, the better we can
figure out what our plans and allocation of resources will come to.  So,
definitely, I'm putting OSCon on the list of possibilities!  :-)

I've set up a page now to gather more information.  After about a month,
we'll refine this list post-discussion to actual planning.  Please, everyone, feel
free to add to this list henceforth.


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> With 2011 fast approaching us, I'd like to try to compile a list of
> conferences that GNOME A11y should have presence at.  Some conferences
> that come to mind for me are:
> Can anyone else offer up their suggestions for places we should keep on
> the radar?
> Thanks!
> bryen
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