Re: [g-a-devel] Caribou: suggestion of some features


In case you haven't seen them, there are some requirements questions
being asked on the GNOME accessibility wiki to guide development.
perhaps you would like to respond there?

Steve Lee

On 1 December 2010 13:06, Jiro Matsuzawa <matsuzawa jr gmail com> wrote:
> Hi, Piñeiro, Mats, and all
> Thank you for your agreement and constructive advice.
>> I personally agree that both are interesting. My advice is create two
>> new bugs on GNOME bugzilla. I skimmed the current list of Caribou bugs
>> [1] and I didn't see your suggestions. I think that it is worth to
>> open two new bugs.
> I created two bugs on GNOME bugzilla.
> Bug 636208:
> Bug 636209:
> Please add comments on them.
> Thank you.
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