Re: Re: Caribou: suggestion of some features

Hi, Piñeiro, Mats, and all

Thank you for your agreement and constructive advice.

> I personally agree that both are interesting. My advice is create two
> new bugs on GNOME bugzilla. I skimmed the current list of Caribou bugs
> [1] and I didn't see your suggestions. I think that it is worth to
> open two new bugs.
I created two bugs on GNOME bugzilla.
Bug 636208:
Bug 636209:

Please add comments on them.

Thank you.

Jiro Matsuzawa
PGP Key ID: 0xECC442E9
PGP Key Fingerprint: E086 C14A 869F BB0E 3541 19EB E370 B08B ECC4 42E9

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