Re: Accessibility Summit for GNOME Boston?

Hi Willie and All,

I have a lot going on lately in my life which is why I have been AWOL
from a11y this past month or so.  My apologies for that, but I'm hoping
to show my ugly face back in the channel soon enough.  :-)

I'd love to try to go to the Summit.  I'll need to figure out what kind
of budget to come up with.  Any ideas for what might be covered already?
(i.e., hotel)


On Tue, 2009-09-01 at 13:04 +0000, Willie Walker wrote:
> Hi All:
> Who is interested in an accessibility summit for GNOME Boston this year?
> - October 10-12
> I have a scheduling conflict where I will only be able to attend Sunday 
> and Monday (i.e., Saturday is out), but I think it might be great to get 
> together to talk about things such as:
> 1) GNOME 3.0 goals:
>     * Completing the AT-SPI/D-Bus work
>     * Magnification work being rolled into GNOME Shell
>     * Speech dispatcher
>     * Testing testing testing
> 2) Organizing ourselves to help provide distributions feedback
>     and help with the way they integrate accessibility
> 3) Revisiting our gaps and areas where people can get involved
> 4) Potential integration with other global organizations to promote
>     and foster open source accessibility
> I'm also encouraging the desktop testing folks to get something together.
> Note that many of the above could be done via e-mail if necessary. 
> Being able to get together for a hackfest or code sprint for 
> AT-SPI/D-Bus, however, might be a very useful thing to do face-to-face.
> So...please let me know your thoughts,
> Will
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