Re: HFOSS: VizAudio & DOTS

2009/2/24 Bryen <suserocks bryen com>:
> Reach:
> DOTS reaches the market where braille printers (embossers) exist.  How
> large that market is, is not clear at this time.  VizAudio can reach a
> broader market without need for additional hardware and is beneficial
> not only for Deaf users, but also for anyone who wishes visual events.
> Blind market gets a lot of attention in Linux.  Deaf market has well...
> almost zilch.  As Willie stated, the Deaf community has been left behind
> for too long.  (Bless his heart.)

I'm all for making the reach more rounded - reach more people
* VixAudio appears to have a clearer 'curbcut' effect so make GNOME
better for all and may raise perception of the value of a11y work in
wider community.
* Notify enhancements should attract more mainstream folks who are
willing to contribute/mentor so would be a better FOSS community
experience for interns.

> After some thought, my feeling is this:  There
> is interesting potential for notify-osd, but at this point in time, it
> may be a long time before it becomes a fully upstreamed implementation
> and I would rather we focus on existing modules that all distros can
> immediately take advantage of and participate in.


Steve Lee

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