Re: Next Meeting Agenda

If Flavio is available, it would be nice to hear any new ideas/plans that he has for the GTK+ hackfest.

We also need to organize the Bonobo-deprecation plan for GNOME 3.0. However, this might need to be a detailed discussion for folks very deep into the technical aspects of GNOME a11y. The time of this meeting excludes our friends in Beijing, so we might postpone our discussion of Bonobo deprecation until we time shift back to something reasonable for Beijing.



Bryen wrote:
As a reminder, we will have our timeshifted a11y meeting on Monday,
February 23 in the #a11y channel on gimpnet at 20:00 UTC.  In your local
area, that is

Agenda items to discuss are:
- HFOSS Visual Audio project proposal  (I'd like to get this wrapped up,
so if you can continue to read and comment on that thread, it would be

- Proposed A11y Hackday.  (Discuss what direction we want to go in and
recommend a date and start spreading the word to the general GNOME

- Other topics anyone wishes to bring up?

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