Re: Meeting Update


2) I brought up that we have several open source conferences coming up
throughout the year in the U.S. (and presumably around the world as
well.)  Due to budgetary constraints, we cannot send a representative to
visit all these events.  However, we'd like to know who might be close
by regionally that could present a11y talks.   I'll come up with a list
of such events soon and if anyone would like to step up to the plate,
please do.

Note that the GNOME Foundation would likely be interested in helping to
sponsor travel subsidies.  Typically such subsidies are given when it
would benefit the GNOME accessibility community to have a presence, to
participate in decision making, or to give a presetnation that would
benefit the GNOME community.  The Foundation budget is not limitless,
but I would imagine some high-priority events could fit into the budget.

If there are qualified and interested people in attending any such
conference, then I would recommend contacting the GNOME Foundation and
seeing if there might be an opportunity to get travel sponsorship from


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