Re: GNOME Accessibility on by default, and Firefox

David Bolter <david bolter utoronto ca> writes:

> Hi all,
> Firefox (and other apps) provides accessibility support conditionally.
> This means that on GNOME it always runs a little slower for everyone,
> and eats up extra resources. I wonder if we could have GNOME
> accessibility turned on, but a separate setting that Firefox can check
> on GNOME to tell it if the at-spi is actually being used by a client?

This feels broken.  What if I have accessibility enabled,
my screen reader not started, but firefox already open?
By enabling accessibility, I told the system already that I will want to use
it.  But with such a sneaky check, my screen reader would not be able
to access firefox since it has decided to not use AT-SPI...
Or did I miss something in this mail.  It reads like
the check you propose is kind of automatic, if it were a permanent gconf
setting, it would just duplicate the Accessibility-enabled setting, wouldn't

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