Re: GNOME Accessibility on by default, and Firefox

2008/10/27 Li Yuan <Li Yuan sun com>:
> A way to do this in my mind is to create functions in atkmisc, to tell gail
> and other accessibility implementations to send out signal or not. If an AT
> is started, at-spi-registryd will call the function to tell applications
> "now it is time to send out the signals". But this require modification in
> all accessibility implementations (Firefix, OpenOffice, Gtk+ applications,
> Java applications).

What if that gets pushed down the stack a bit so the decision to
actually send on the wire is made even though ATK/FFx etc still call
and look for events? Would the over head of the function calls that
test and return with no a11y be too much to bear? It would be
localosed in one place and all appswould behave the same.

Steve Lee
Open Source Assistive Technology Software and Accessibility

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