Re: Thoughts on speech

On Sat, 15 Mar 2008, Kenny Hitt wrote:

Third, after I had it up and running, I found that often, two chunks of
stuff to be spoken would overlap, especially when Orca was speaking
something and I was using the keyboard to either type in something or

The overlap is a side effect of dmix.  I notice it, but it isn't as long here as what you experience.

In my experience, this happens if more than one program has the sound device open at the same time. I don't get this behavior with eflite if nothing else has the device open, but I do get it if I am also running speech-dispatcher (since it keeps the sound device open all the time, regardless of whether it is actually speaking anything) or some other program that opens the device. I do see the described behavior with speech-dispatcher even if nothing else has the device open, though, so I don't know if this is what is causing it.

I've asked for people to try it on the Orca IRC channel, but all of them are busy with other things.  If I could install Solaris myself, I'd test in a second,
but there isn't an accessible install for Solaris.

Does it have a text-based install? If so, then you could probably install it using the cvs version of qemu, since it includes a curses driver. I've only used it a little, though. It uses oss for sound by default (aoss may help, though). It can optionally be compiled with alsa support, but I couldn't get sound to work when using it.

-Mike G-

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