Another idea for Magnification


I've been using GNOME for almost 10 years now. In 2003 I became legally blind (visually impaired). Since that time I have had to use a combination of tricks to allow me to see the screen well enough to use it. These "tricks" have included low resolution display setting, large monitors, extremely large font sizing and the use of a hand held magnifier.

I've read through some of the discussions on this mailing list and it looks like the team members have some ambitious goals. I truly hope that these goals can and will be met. However, as a visually impaired GNOME user I know what would make GNOME much easier to use that I don't believe is nearly as ambitious. Microsoft introduced a feature with their mice a few years back that has solved my problem entirely on a Windows machine (which ironically is not as easy to setup for the visually impaired as GNOME). It's called "Magnify". Unlike Logitech's "Zoom" feature, which is little more than a button mapping to the text sizing function of applications such as Mozilla, "Magnify" actually pops up a magnification window around that mouse cursor. This window can be adjusted for size and magnification level by simple mouse controls. What this does for me and the other people that I have introduced to this, is it allows me to not have to change all my display and font settings and more importantly I no longer have to hold a magnifier in one hand while trying to use the computer with my other hand.

I'm not sure what the effort level would be for this kind of task. I do know however that this feature has been the most useful feature to me (as a visually impaired person) since the introduction of the mouse itself. This may be a simpler solution that would solve the same issues that you are currently wrestling with. It's application independent and it's extremely flexible to the user.

Richard Powell

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