Willie will miss the IRC meeting this morning

Hey All:

I need to pick my niece up at the airport this morning, so I will not be able to attend the IRC meeting. Very sorry about that. Here's a few things of recent interest to me:

1) Vincent Alexander's accessibility doc updates: http://www.snoringbeagle.net/gag.html. If you've wanted to review this, but have been procrastinating, please give them a look and send comments back to Vincent.

2) gnome-panel keyboard navigation for the notification area is supposed to be fixed, but I'm still seeing issues on Ubuntu Intreprid as of yesterday. I'd like people to try to confirm this. For example, I cannot use the keyboard to navigate to the wireless status indicator or the pidgin status indicator in the notification area. In addition the user switcher applet seems to be somewhat toxic -- once you navigate to it, it seems to allow you to navigate only between it and another icon (either to the left or right) before you end up landing on it again. See also related bugs http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=473786 and http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=103223.

3) yelp accessibility - they've moved to Gecko 1.9 (the accessible Gecko :-)), but something seems broken with the accessible hierarchy. I wrote a small test app this weekend to test it out, but haven't had a chance to log a bug yet. The basic thing that Joanie and I ended up running into was that the document frame holding the help content ended up pointing upwards to a bizarre ancestry and we couldn't get reliable information about the application that came to us via events.

4) Enable accessibility by default for GNOME. Right now, accessibility is enabled by default for development builds (yeah!), and I think we might be to the point where we want to propose enabling it by default all the time. I've cleared the idea with the release team and I'm ready to propose it to the desktop group for discussion.

5) Finally, GNOME Boston (http://live.gnome.org/Boston2008) is October 10-13 this year. It's time to start thinking about planning the accessibility summit. Some of the topics I'd like to add to the list are: 1) status of AT-SPI/DBus, 2) Discussion of new API's (e.g., text API's) for AT-SPI for GNOME 2.26, and 3) ways to increase our visibility and raise awareness of the impact we're having on GNOME and the world.

In any case, each of these merits its own separate discussion, but I just wanted to throw them out there for now. If you want to pick up the discussion by responding to this e-mail, please change the subject appropriately to make sure it indicates the single topic to talk about.

Thanks everyone, and my apologies for missing the meeting this morning,


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