Re: Mouse scroll wheel/button and hand dexterity

2008/7/28 Rick Berger <rberger rogers com>:
> Are there any utilities out there that let you control whether the
> scroll wheel is going just act as a scroll wheel or just as a middle
> mouse button? My dexterity is such that there are times I'm scroll
> through a page in Firefox and find I'm way off in web space somewhere
> else because I've accidental click the wheel.  Or likewise in most
> application I can't click on something because I can't hold the scroll
> wheel still and click it at the same time. A utility that lets you
> toggle from the keyboard the meaning of the scroll wheel would great.

hmm, the general mouse settings do indeed seem to be missing any
options for middle wheel and button.

I also seem to be a heavy scroller as  i often get an 'invalid URL'
error when I'm scrolling with the wheel in FF.
So I just looked in Firefox's about:config and setting
middlemouse.contentLoadURL to false does the trick for me. There's
also a middlemouse.openNewWindow but I'm not sure when that comes into

Steve Lee
Open Source Assistive Technology Software and Accessibility

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