Re: Please check WebKit accessibility implementation

Right now, my understanding is that the ball is in Alp's court and we're waiting for an update from him.



Vincent Untz wrote:
Le vendredi 11 juillet 2008, à 10:17 +0200, Vincent Untz a écrit :

Le lundi 07 juillet 2008, à 11:12 -0400, Willie Walker a écrit :
Hi Vincent:

We did some testing with this, and we've also been in touch with Alp. There's still a bit of work to do in WebKit from what we can tell. Right now, I think the ball is in Alp's court: he was going to work on some text issues and we were going to take another look when that was ready.
Alp, do you know if the issues that were raised have been solved? From
your talk, I understood things were ready.

We can talk here in Istanbul, of course (sorry I couldn't have time for
this before)

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to see Alp for this in Istanbul :/

Anyway, ping about the status? This is a ping for both Alp and the a11y
team (in case there have been updates).

FWIW, it looks like ephy will not use webkit in 2.24 (the gnome-2-24
branch is based on the gnome-2-22 one), so maybe we will just delay the
move to webkit to 2.26?


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