Re: Please check WebKit accessibility implementation

Hi Vincent:

We did some testing with this, and we've also been in touch with Alp. There's still a bit of work to do in WebKit from what we can tell. Right now, I think the ball is in Alp's court: he was going to work on some text issues and we were going to take another look when that was ready.


Vincent Untz wrote:

Le lundi 16 juin 2008, à 17:23 -0400, Willie Walker a écrit :
Hey All:

The WebKit folks have been working hard on making it accessible. Can you please check it out and see how they've been doing? The info is here:

It's ./, make install, etc. Alp tells me it doesn't work with Orca yet (that's probably the Orca team's job), but that it does well with Accerciser.

What's the status here? There's a release team meeting at GUADEC, and
we'll likely discuss webkit during the meeting. And your opinion is most
important :-)


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