Re: GOK module maintainership

Fantastic news and a big cheer for Gerd


2008/7/21 Francesco Fumanti <francesco fumanti gmx net>:
> Hello,
> Gerd Kohlberger has already done a marvelous job by developing mousetweaks.
> Having his qualities now also devoted to GOK is great news for the GOK
> community.
> A big applause to Gerd for accepting this difficult task.
> Cheers
> Francesco
> David Bolter wrote:
>> Gerd Kohlberger has accepted the honour and responsibility of helping
>> maintain GOK, the GNOME suite of on-screen keyboards that, among other
>> things, provides access to the entire GNOME desktop via a single switch.
>> Gerd has already proven himself in the GOK codebase, is a skillful and
>> thoughtful developer, and I think is the right person to help meet the
>> challenges of maintaining a venerable C program beyond its 7th year. I'm
>> hugely thrilled to have his help!
>> With the help of others that have emerged in the GOK community recently,
>> these are happy days for GOK. A huge shout out to the helpful people who
>> meet regularly in #a11y. THANKS!
>> cheers,
>> David Bolter
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Steve Lee
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