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Yes. Excellent point, but I was waiting to see where the community thought we should spend energy in the OSK/alt-input space before making the request for a co-maintainer.

Brian Cameron wrote:

I'm also looking for a co-maintainer and am happy to mentor.

If David is looking for a co-maintainer, then I'd say this should
be highlighted on the A11y GetInvolved Wiki.  No?


Willie Walker wrote:
Hi All:

The current list of bugs with the 'accessibility' keyword can be found via the following search (this is the same link under the "Help Fix Bugs" header on


Omitting the Orca bugs, which the Orca team constantly triages, there are 381 bugs that we need help with. What I think we need to do are:

1) Verify the bugs still exist -- some may be obsolete at this point. If the bugs still exist, help make sure there is a clear test case for reproducing the bug. Developers like clear test cases - the lack of clear test cases is sometimes the reason bugs languish for so long.

2) Helping to identify the ones that would have the most impact if fixed. Ideally the priority ( and severity ( fields would help make this list somewhat self sorting. When changing priority and severity, I read the definitions for the various values and then I tend to provide a reason for why I made a change. For example, I might say "marking this bug as Major because not being able to access the main window is a major loss of functionality that makes this application difficult/useless to use by people with disabilities" or "marking this as minor, because even if the given button doesn't work, accessing the same functionality via a menu item provides a reasonable and efficient workaround." I also try not to "cry wolf" or take some stance such as "all a11y bugs are immediate blockers". Be true to the meanings provided and the really important problems will bubble up.

I also tend to view the priority and severity as applying to just the product in question. That is, what is the priority/severity of this bug on just the product, not the whole of GNOME? I'm not sure that's the right way to do things -- if it's wrong, someone please correct me. :-)

Any takers to help with triaging?

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gnome-accessibility-list mailing list
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gnome-accessibility-list mailing list
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