Re: Bug triage

Hi Will,

I am always doing bugs triage for infrastructure modules.


On 日, 2008-01-27 at 11:26 -0500, Willie Walker wrote:
> Hi All:
> The current list of bugs with the 'accessibility' keyword can be found 
> via the following search (this is the same link under the "Help Fix 
> Bugs" header on
> <,bugs.bug_severity,bugs.bug_id&query_based_on=>
> Omitting the Orca bugs, which the Orca team constantly triages, there 
> are 381 bugs that we need help with.  What I think we need to do are:
> 1) Verify the bugs still exist -- some may be obsolete at this point. 
> If the bugs still exist, help make sure there is a clear test case for 
> reproducing the bug.  Developers like clear test cases - the lack of 
> clear test cases is sometimes the reason bugs languish for so long.
> 2) Helping to identify the ones that would have the most impact if 
> fixed.  Ideally the priority 
> ( and 
> severity 
> ( 
> fields would help make this list somewhat self sorting.  When changing 
> priority and severity, I read the definitions for the various values and 
> then I tend to provide a reason for why I made a change.  For example, I 
> might say "marking this bug as Major because not being able to access 
> the main window is a major loss of functionality that makes this 
> application difficult/useless to use by people with disabilities" or 
> "marking this as minor, because even if the given button doesn't work, 
> accessing the same functionality via a menu item provides a reasonable 
> and efficient workaround." I also try not to "cry wolf" or take some 
> stance such as "all a11y bugs are immediate blockers".  Be true to the 
> meanings provided and the really important problems will bubble up.
> I also tend to view the priority and severity as applying to just the 
> product in question.  That is, what is the priority/severity of this bug 
> on just the product, not the whole of GNOME?  I'm not sure that's the 
> right way to do things -- if it's wrong, someone please correct me.  :-)
> Any takers to help with triaging?
> Will
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