Re: GNOME A11y: where do we need to improve? (Want input by 25-Jan)


On Mon, 21 Jan 2008 14:47:58 +0100
Francesco Fumanti <francesco fumanti gmx net> wrote:

> Hello,
> First of all, thanks for making this possible.
> At 11:11 AM -0500 1/17/08, Willie Walker wrote:


> >Over the coming week, please set aside some time to look at
> >  It contains a large
> >list of stuff to do, but it represents a pretty complete list of things
> >people have mentioned over the past few years.


> Cheap Head Mice? The adaptive Headpointers that I know of, use 
> special reference items weird by the user to track his movement. I 
> wonder whether a simple camera (webcam) working without a reference 
> item can be accurate enough to use it as headpointer. Does anybody 
> have any experience with "reference-less" headpointing?
> About writing drivers for headpointers: do you have any headpointers 
> in mind? Some headpointers (usually the more expensive models) 
> present themselves as a normal mouse to the computer and consequently 
> should work with the mouse driver shipped by the operating: this has 
> the advantage of not requiring a specific driver (and maybe the 
> disadvantage of not being customizable).

we are working on a headtracker (-pointer, -mice, -whatever). The project hosted at
stucks a bit cause I am not able to write assembler or C code. The guys who are able do that do not have the time, now. If someone wants to join the project I would be glad. It is an OLPC project but should work for gnome or other unix desktops, too.


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