Re: Where does ekiga need to improve?

Here is an additional list of enhancements for accessible Video Phones :

a. The ability to switch OFF the sound totally (no emission, no
reception, just like for Video, keep the bandwidth for video ONLY);

b. The ability to record the video stream (logging) for later playback
and use the Text chat as captions for the annotated video stream (useful
for actual video conferences);

c. The ability to request applying perceptual visual filters on the
video (not only contrast/saturation but colour maps, edge enhancer,
hasciicam, cheese) FROM the peer-side (emitter-video-client optimises
compression & perception according to the will of the one who receives

d. Ability to choose other Video codecs / compression algorithms like in
the Audio setup;

Guillaume Olivrin
sip:oguillaume ekiga net 

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