Re: Do we have an item for moving AT-SPI to DBus in the outreach program?

Hi Li:

Under the "AT-SPI on DBus" section on the GetInvolved page, there's a few links to Rob Taylor and Mark Duffman's wonderful work on the feasibility study. They did an awesome job and have created a proposed breakdown of tasks:

Overall, I think everyone agrees this is the right thing to do, and we're now looking for ways to fund the effort. So far, it looks like purse strings are kind of tight and/or pockets are empty. :-( We might need to start thinking about more creative ways to move forward.

Do you have a proposal for how we can get unstuck?


Li Yuan wrote:

There have been a lot of discussions about the "AT-SPI over DBus
Feasibility Study". Seems to me that there is something need to
implement in DBus and a lot of things need to be coordinated between
accessibility infrastructure and DBus. It would be great that we can
find someone who has DBus knowledge to work on this. Of course it would
be greater that he can actually migrate AT-SPI to DBus :-)

I saw "Migrate Away From CORBA" on
, what's our plan?



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