unable to enter password into policikit


I want to draw attention to the following problem, and ask what will be the best way to get it solved by somebody:


When I click on an Unlock button (for example of the Network Settings capplet = network-admin), a password dialog opens and I am not able to enter my administrator password with an onscreen keyboard into that dialog.

I suppose that this dialog gets created from policykit and the dialog window is modal, because the clicks on the onscreen keyboard do not work.

Similar situation where the onscreen keyboard works:

When I open the Synaptic Package Manager, I get the gksu-dialog to enter my administratorr password. As I activated the /apps/gksu/disable_grab gconf key, I am able to enter the password with an onscreen keyboard (i.e.:onboard).

How to proceed?

Could anybody please tell me how to proceed for the problem to get the attention of the people appropriate to provide a solution?

Thanks in advance.


PS: The problem is probably related to the grabbing of the pointer:

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