Fwd: ATK to AT-SPI Accessibility ?

Hi all,

I have gone through the GAIL's implementation of ATK for GTK+/gnome applications. It has the procedure to create accessible objects and it also defines the methods for all the components to make it accessible.

since libgail is dynamically loaded at run-time the applications memory has all the accessible objects present in it.

My doubt is that how do the AT-SPI or Service Providers get hold of these accessible objects ? and how do they use the methods which are defined ?.

To be very specific , say if I want to make the screen reader read the properties of a component like entry-box's BG color, the length of the string in it,etc

Thanks in advance.

R Gautam

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Date: Jun 8, 2007 10:54 AM
Subject: ATK to AT-SPI Accessibility ?
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