Re: AT-SPI build

On Thu, 2007-07-12 at 09:11 -0300, Diego A. Fons wrote:

> Thank you for your reply.
> I'm trying to build an application that uses a touchscreen as the only 
> input device, so i thought it would be a good idea to have a GOK style 
> keyboard, you select the component to edit and start entering the text 
> whit an on-screen keyboard. When i start looking at the GOK code i 
> realized that i need AT-SPI (and GAIL?).
> In a mail after yours, Ariel Rios says that i must have X :(
> It's a very bad news, i'm going to try to build X (is X11R7.2 a 
> good idea?) but i have to be careful because the application has to run 
> on an embedded device (cpu AT91SAM9261) and i seem X don't like embedded 
> devices :P
Hello you all,
Unfortunately you need X to be able to use the at-spi. THe registry for
instance depends on the availability of X. Same with the bridge. For
embedded, there are smaller versions of X designed to run on smaller
devices. The real problem in embedded is the heavy load that ORBit adds
to an already constrained environment.


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