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fedora fc-6 has a disk -99 error problem that's a show stopper for text installs too and that problem is so bad a linux user in India now has a blog up on the web about this error and that one so far as I know uses no accessibility assistance. So the disk -99 error is effecting far more than the accessibility users community.

On Wed, 1 Nov 2006, Lorenzo Taylor wrote:

I could be biased in my opinion, but having been a devoted Debian user
for about 2 years I would recommend Ubuntu.  I am actually thinking of
migrating my system from Debian to Ubuntu from all I've heard of their
"just works" philosophy and considering that I have had no trouble
getting any live CD running on my systems since I first heard of Ubuntu
Warty, and that was long before we had a representative from the Ubuntu
accessibility team on the Speakup list and some time before there was
much talk of Ubuntu on this list.  I would personally recommend Ubunto
to new Linux users as well as experienced ones.  In fact, when I pass
out Linux CD's to my friends and associates to try to get them converted
to Linux I always hand them a Ubuntu CD now.

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