Re: Can't start Ubuntu 6.06.1 live cd with accessibility options

guides exist and can usually get you to where ubuntu comes up talking so long as you don't download a bad version of the livecd. There are two things to try and if both fail you got a bad disk. With the old livecd's as soon as the computer starts up hit f5 for accessibility options then hit downarrow 3 times then hit enter twice and increase the volume on your sound card speakers to full then wait. You may hear talking out of the sound card telling you about orca preferences button and a quit button. If so, hit alt-tab once and you'll be in orca preferences. If you know windows use some of the same techniques and you should be able to set these. The other thing to try as soon s the computer starts is hit f5 then type 3 and then hit enter and increase speaker volume and wait. The fun part comes when you try to get a talking install. for that, type control-alt-f1 then type sudo su "orca --no-setup &" <cr> That's supposed to turn orca on for the root user. then type sudo -i <cr> to get an interactive shell. then type orca <cr> and if you're very lucky you won't get prompted to key in those preferences by this time. Then type ubiquity <cr> and if you've preserved speech up to this point and ubiquity decides to talk you may be able to get ubuntu installed. Alternate installation strategy: As soon as computer starts type f6 and key in ks= <cr> <cr> and go get dinner. If you can get sighted assistance have the screen read for you. If that installation works and you get to the login prompt type ubuntu <cr> then type 123456 for password <cr> and then type control-alt-f1 and then type orca -t <cr> and answer questions. When finished type control-alt-f7 then type control-lt-backspace this logs you out but will bring you back to login so do the same login procedure ubuntu and password 123456 and then type alt-f2 and then type orca <cr> and you'll get speech up on an installed system. Next type alt-f1 and move around until you get on system and hit return. Move around until you hear preferences and hit return. Move around until you hear accessibility and hit return. Check the box that has orca starting on login and save those preferences and get out of there and then reboot the system. For the ks install option to work you got to have a good internet connection. Alternately, save what you find on to a floppy disk call the file ks.cfg. If you have another flavor of unix you may want to force line endings to be unix with a tool like fromdos or tounix or maybe dos2unix. With that file on a floppy and the floppy in your floppy drive and your ubuntu cd in its cd drive reboot the computer and hit f6 when computer starts then type: ks=file:/dev/fd0/ks.cfg <cr> <cr> if you get action on tboth floppy and cdrom drive, you'll be doing a local kickstart install with no dhcp needed. login as ubuntu and password is 123456 and good luck, you're going to need it!

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