Re: Accessibility of gnome-controlcenter?

Al Puzzuoli wrote:
Hi all,

I've noticed that by default in Feisty, the administration menu seems to be gone, and all of the functions it contained can now be accessed via the gnome-control-center. My concern is that unless I'm missing something, there doesn't seem to be a way to navigate the control-center UI efficiently via the keyboard. Granted, it is possible to tab to, and then press enter on each function's corresponding button; However, I don't see any way of quickly jumping to a desired function. As an example, under administration, if I wanted to get to the sound preferences, I could do so relatively quickly by pressing S a couple of times. Are there plans to implement first letter navigation into the control-center's UI? If this isn't going to happen any time soon, is there an option somewhere to easily restore the administration menu?

The new control centre resembles the control panel in Windows, which does respond to first-letter-pressing as you describe. I think we should pursue that option. Only trouble is that the items are sorted by category first, then alphabetically (is that a problem? the selection could skip through categories).


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