Re: Forming an Accessibility Steering Committee

Hi Aaron,

Well put and I do not enjoy committees that are closed and/or don't seem to be useful. That said, I don't think this committee need be closed. Ideally I'd like to see someone like Will be given ownership of the big picture thinking, or making sure the big picture thinking happens, and to give some organization to the spectrum of activities. If we could get a core bunch of people that he could tap for helping with that, or sounding ideas with, perhaps that would work? I think where the committee could really be useful is the long term roadmapping that Will talks about in another email.

Fortunately the Mozilla Foundation has you and Frank for this kind of thing and it works very well I must say :)


Aaron Leventhal wrote:
Okay, since so many people are interested, I have to play devil's advocate now.

What is the advantage of having a steering committee vs. just using the mailing list? If there's a committee then by its very nature it is more closed, and some people are left out. There will always be someone deserving that isn't included.

Open source processes like wikis, mailing list and bug data bases help guard against accidental "closedness". This is a meritocracy -- the best ideas come to the top regardless of who they came from.

- Aaron
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