Re: [g-a-devel] D-BUS based magnification API

On 30/08/2007, Peter Korn <Peter Korn sun com> wrote:
> Assume that without GL, we can have a magnifier of quality 5, and with
> GL a magnifier of quality 10 (just an assumption for sake of argument,
> please bear with me).  Since GL now runs on even somewhat older video
> hardware, and you can get a GL card for not much money if you don't have
> one already, I believe it would be better to make the decision to
> require GL in the magnifier.  Have some simple, basic magnifier that
> works everywhere so folks who cannot get GL hardware have something
> reasonable (perhaps quality level 3 - the point here is to focus
> resources on the great stuff that we believe most folks will be able to
> get with minimal hardware investment).  And then focus on the GL based
> stuff.
> Now, this assumes a big difference in what we can do with and without
> GL.  That may be a bad assumption on my part.  But I look at how GL
> hardware can do things like magnification of videos with little to no
> slowdown in video performance, and I imagine the other cool things GL
> can give us.

I agree that we should look to the future so as not to limit what we
can do when GL capable hardware becomes ubiquitous. We want innovative
and outstanding accessibility for Linux, partly in order to encourage
users to move to OSS.

However when visiting people at their homes as an ITCH volunteer I was
amazed at some of the venerable hardware being used (some also used
win 98). Certaily older than most hackers would use (even with Linux).
In addition upgrading hardware may not be so easily achievable by many
users (cost and finding someone to perform the work can be big

So we should still work on reasonable features on low spec hardware
for the short term. Obviously entry level advances rapidly so we
should focus more effort the higher spec. I guess many users would
only start to consider changing to Linux at the point that they need a
new PC (though Linux would perform very well on their older kit) so
that also suggests developing for thehigher spec hardware.

Steve Lee
Open Source Assistive Technology Software
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