Re: A couple of OpenOffice questions

Hi Krister,

It is difficult to help you in detail without knowing, in detail, your versions of everything (OOo, OS, GNOME, AT). I do occasionally have crashes in OOo and I'm prompted to recover the document when I next run OOo. However, the vast majority of the time I save without difficulty. Is you crash during the save operation?


Peter Korn
Accessibility Architect,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Hi guys.
I was just curious about the saving bug in OOO. Can you actually save a
document, despite that Openoffice says that it has crashed and wants to
recover the unsaved document? Is there some kind of workaround that i'm
not aware of as of yet?
And lastly i tried to get at the Agenda wizard and was told that the JRE
was needed. Is this available as a ubuntu package, and if so can i
download and install it without breaking anything that has to do with
accessibility? I guess i need the access bridge as well or is this a
thing of the passt with Orca?

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