running dappa live with speech

When I get sorted out, I am hoping to run two versions of Ubuntu on different computers. I think I am going to use my laptop for any version that is being tested and hopefully run the most stable version on my desktop so for example run Dappa Drake on my desktop and Edgy on my laptop and when Edgy gets sorted out, upgrade the desktop to Edgy and the laptop to the next release etc. Maybe doing this might give me some kind of neeche as regards supporting eforts to improve accessability in Linux.
I would like to run Dappa live on my desktop with speech.
How do I do this?
How will I know when the boot prompt comes up before I press F5 and arrow down three times or do what needs to be done to get a talking Live ubuntu until I permanently install Dappa Drake?
My desktop doesn't beep during the boot sequence.
Is it possible to run Gnopernicus after it comes up live or will I have to wait for someone Sighted to come and prompt me as to when to do whatever needs to be done to get speech working.

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