Re: harmonizing on-screen keyboard progress

David Bolter wrote:
Henrik, All,

Hi. I'm just wondering if it might be helpful for everyone involved or interested in free/open-source on-screen keyboard (or alternative input software) development to get together in one place or on one phone call to educate each other on our plans and ideas for best serving our users.

Hi David,

I think that's a great idea. We have three different projects with similar goals but very different approaches, GOK, SAW and onBoard.

It would be great cherry pick features from those and either work on some common code or at least try to find some synergies.

I'll set up a wiki page where we can list what we know about the different approaches and future goals. If those interested in participating would sign up there we can look for a mode of communication next (the oats team had a fancy web-cam conference recently).


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