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Hi Ian!

Ian Pascoe wrote:
Secondly, and I think this relates to Gnupernicus as opposed to Orca
although by this stage we were getting quite confused, there are lots of
spin boxes relating to the different talk rates for different controls -
could this be hidden behind an Advanced tab  and have maybe one or two that
effects all the options?
Try using orca.  I think you'll find the user interface less confusing.
As for Orca, again I think, we noted that if the check box relating to key
echo was unticked Orca stopped responding.
More than likely, because you have used a Xubuntu base with self-installed orca and gnome, your assistive technology support is not turned on in your desktop.

There's a GUI for this, but try (from a terminal window while running gnome, or from a console window, BEFORE gnome is started:

"gconftool-2 -type bool -s /desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility true"

This should allow orca (or gnopernicus) to do something besides echo keystrokes.

The magnifier is usually intended for use with/by an integrated screen reader, i.e. "gnome mag" is a service which orca and gnopernicus use.

Fullscreen magnification requires some rather messy reconfiguring of your X server (an upcoming version of gnome-mag will improve this situation). Directions for doing this and for using many accessibility features of the gnome desktop are found at the location below (note that the fullscreen mag directions are in an appendix at the end, I believe). The document is a little out of date since it talks about gnopernicus and not orca, but most of the information is still relevant and correct.

Lastly, note that Firefox 2 accessibility is pretty limited with orca, but I have been told that Firefox 3 beta versions, while perhaps a bit unstable, are _much_ more accessible via orca.

best regards,

Lastly, relating to Gnome Mag, can someone point me to the URL for
directions on it's use please?  In particular looking for activating full
screen magnification, colour inversion to read white on black, together with
associated keyboard shortcuts.

It looks fun from what little I can see but at the moment frustration is
high as I can't do anything much with anything!

Many thanks


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