gnome-panel crash (was Re: [Fwd: Announcing Orca v2.17.1])

Hi Will, folks (CCing ubuntu-accessibility for good measure).

> gnome-panel seems to crash a lot and quite spontaneously on Ubuntu,

Phew!  I was starting to think I had personally managed to muck
something up really well.

> more information about what you might be doing at the time of the
> crash?  

I cannot reproduce it reliably, which is why I haven't filed anything on
launchpad yet.  However, two things *seem* to be the case:

1. Orca is running
2. I shove the mouse out of the way because something has gained focus
and the mouse pointer (or a tooltip) is visually blocking what I want to
look at.

I am *nearly positive* that the crash does not occur unless I move the
mouse, but moving the mouse doesn't reliably cause the crash.  I'm
*pretty sure* that it doesn't occur when I'm not using Orca, but since
Orca is running nearly all of the time I cannot be certain.... <shrugs>

Take care.

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