RE: Accessibilty module for colorblind people

Hi all,

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread.  I believe these filters
would fit in perfectly with the gnome-mag.  Create a great front end
wizard/gui of some sort and your going to open the doors to some new
assistive technology features.  Great ideas!

Jason Grieves

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Hi Henrik:

<"What he said" >

You and Carlos put this very well.  I agree with you both that this 
sounds like a great thing to add to gnome-mag.

By the way, Carlos has recently done some very nice work to enable 
fullscreen magnification without requiring two X screens, so based on 
this new work (still in bugzilla, but soon to be in cvs we hope), this 
could be done pretty elegantly at "1:1" without noticeably changing the 
user experience.

Best regards


p.s. - gnome-mag magnifies at '1x' if you run it with "-z1".  To use 
this in fullscreen mode without changing your Xorg.conf will require 
Carlos' patch to

Henrik Nilsen Omma wrote:
> Daniel Ruoso wrote:
>>> I think that these filters could be implemented easily in gnome-mag.
>>> Probably Bill and Willie can give more advices about it.
>> The question is that colorblindness filters aren't exactly related to
>> screen magnifier. I'm colorblind, but I don't need a screen magnifier.
> Perhaps not in your case, but there is a lot of potential overlap. 
> gnome-mag manipulates the screen image real time (and has a simple 
> inverse mode) which the filters also do. I'm sure gnome-mag could be set 
> to 'magnify' at 1x.
> Some people would want to use both magnification and a filter. Separate 
> implementations may still be the best option for technical reasons or to 
> have simpler configuration of each. But in that case they should at 
> least work well together.
> Henrik
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