Re: Announcing Orca v2.17.0

Hi Janina:

> Can you clarify the numbering a little? If I understand the new
> numbering strategy, what was released some weeks ago as Orca 1.0 would
> be tantamount to a numbering like Orca 2.16.0. Is that correct?

Yep!  From this point on, though, we'd like to map the Orca release
numbers to GNOME release numbers to help people better understand the
fundamental dependency and support platform.

> If there are bug fixes, these would then go as 2.16.X, whereas the
> development versions would continue as 2.17.X, and culminate in a stable
> release of 2.18.0 at sometime in the future?


> Is this correct? And do you actually expect bug fixes against the stable
> Orca, or just development builds going forward?

To help us better focus our resources, we plan on hammering away at the
2.17/2.18 releases and we'll only release a 2.16.x release if there is
strong demand.  



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