Re: ANNOUNCE: Linux Screen Reader 0.3.0

We now have rpm packages of LSR 0.3.0 built against Fedora Core 5
available at:

As you would expect, the binaries are then under RPMS/ and the sources
under SRPMS/.



Peter Parente writes:
> ==============
> * What is it ?
> ==============
> The Linux Screen Reader (LSR) project is an open source effort to
> develop an extensible assistive technology for the GNOME desktop
> environment. The goal of the project is to create a reusable
> development platform for building alternative and supplemental user
> interfaces in support of people with diverse disabilities.
> The primary use of the LSR platform is to give people with visual impairments
> access to the GNOME desktop and its business applications (e.g. Firefox,
> OpenOffice, Eclipse) using speech, Braille, and screen magnification. The
> extensions packaged with the LSR core are intended to meet this end. However,
> LSR's rich support for extensions can be used for a variety of other purposes
> such as supporting novel input and output devices, improving accessibility for
> users with other disabilities, enabling multi-modal access to the GNOME
> desktop, and so forth.
> ==================
> * What's changed ?
> ==================
> A demonstration of LSR 0.3.0 will be presented at the GNOME Accessibility
> Summit. A screencast of the demo will be posted on the LSR homepage
> shortly thereafter. The demo will showcase the latest screen reading
> features of LSR
> as well as two prototype interfaces for people with cognitive decline and
> reading disabilities.
> For users
> * The new settings dialog allows for configuration of settings defined by a
>   particular device or script as well as the current user profile. For
>   instance, a user can change their speech synthesizer without restarting LSR.
> * Settings are now persistent across sessions. More settings will be added
>   in future versions.
> * New keyboard commands are now available such as reading accessible
>   descriptions, reporting text attributes, routing focus and caret, etc. See
>   the list of defined commands at
> * The LSR review keys now function on web pages in Firefox 3.0. The FirefoxPerk
>   will grow new commands for rich document navigation in future releases.
> * The Perk chooser dialog allows users to manually load and unload scripts for
>   the current application. This allows users to dynamically load/unload tool
>   scripts at runtime, kind of like Emacs modes.
> * DECtalk is now supported through gnome-speech.
> * SpeechDispatcher is now supported.
> * A script to better support accessible login has been added. Instructions for
>   configuring Fedora Core to start LSR at login are now available in the LSR
>   FAQ. (
> For developers
> * The developer scripting API has grown a tremendous number of new convenience
>   methods. See the epydoc on the LSR homepage for details.
> * Three developer monitors now exist in LSR for watching raw accessibility
>   events from at-spi, execution of LSR scripts, and I/O streams to devices.
> * User configurable settings may now be defined by LSR scripts. The settings
>   dialog automatically generates an accessible user interface for changing
>   their values.
> * Developers can now add new dialogs and debugging monitors to LSR just as they
>   can add scripts and input/output devices. They're all just extensions to LSR.
> * The command line interface for managing extensions is now simpler.
> * Extensions may now be added by the root user and made available system-wide,
>   or added by an unprivileged user and available for his/her use only.
> * The spec is updated to support the building of relocatable RPMs.
> Translations
> * en_GB(David Lodge)
> * vi(Clytie Siddall)
> * zh_CN(Funda Wang)
> * pt_BR(Raphael Higino)
> * sv(Daniel Nylander)
> For full details, please see the ChangeLog at
> For an idea of where LSR is headed next, visit
> ======================
> * Where can I get it ?
> ======================
> Source code release and contributed packages:
> For more information, visit the LSR home page:
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