Re: Accessibilty module for colorblind people

Seg, 2006-10-09 �10:11 +0200, Samuel Thibault escreveu:
> I actually had the same idea, but didn't have the exact knowledge of
> colorblind issues.  This would probably be a great tool for developpers
> to try it!

I already have the filter library with 8 functional filters. The source
is avaiable at .
Patches are very much welcome.

My next step is to write libcolorblind-xorg which will apply the filter
to a XImage structure allocating and deallocating the new colors as

So, if anyone thinks it's better to go through another way (like,
something more gnome-oriented instead of xorg-oriented) this is the time
to let me know.

After writing that library, I'll start hacking on metacity's composite
management to make it possible to apply these filters (and other kind of
filters) directly inside metacity, as by now, this is the way I think to
be easier.

Again, if someone likes the idea and would like to provide cvs|svn|
whatever hosting, I'd be very glad, as I don't want to start another
project on sourceforge for that.

Daniel Ruoso

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