ubuntu edgey install and orca

Why is the install application nonverbal? I used the orca howto and got much to work but the install program does not talk when I run it. The boot line also appears disabled and this is unfortunate since ubuntu 6.06 had all of its questions answered in the partitioner/formatter tool and this was with speech never enabled done by a sighted friend then the computer was left alone for 4 hours and proceeded to do absolutely nothing. This is on a 1999 vintage dell desktop machine with 414MB of memory and the hard drive ubuntu was given was 120GB in size so it's well under the 200GB limit unless the limit is actually smaller than 120GB in which case it's entirely understandable why this wouldn't install. If I can get access to boot: prompt with a little bit of audible notification I can use a remote kickstart file to try to install ubuntu and leave the computer alone while I go to work. Without that, unless I can get install talking I got me another ubuntu coaster. I'm not going to ask for sighted assistance on this anymore, the frustration with the last failed experiment is too fresh in everybody's minds and though ubuntu may be able to install on a laptop it may be a few years before I have that kind of gear I can use to try it out in that configuration. Another possibility would be to try installing it on a gateway machine though I'll have to get a drive sled installed on that one to do it.

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