Re: Ubuntu edgy

Petra Ritter wrote:

is the accessibility boot option 'Screen Reader' on the beta versions
found, on, enabled? So that I have
to press F5 and to select 'Screen Reader" when the screen with the
boot options comes up in order to get the accessibility technology

Last news from the Live CD developers is that the F5 access option has a small bug (located and will be fixed in the next few days). The feature has been improved slightly from last time in that you can now press a number to activate a selection instead of the arrows, so F5 - 3 - Enter should start the screen reader.

We are still 3-4 weeks away from the final release so there will be the odd bug, but please do report them, either on the ubuntu-access list or in launchpad.

And wath is the situation with Firefox? Is the version of it that
comes with this betas supported by Orca?

We ship Firefox 2 which has some access support but not perfect. Hopefully we can start providing Firefox 3 packages at an early stage.


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