Re: Ubuntu egdy and BRLTTY

Hi there.
Petra, is Orca working in Gnome? that is, does the speech work in the
graphical interface but not braille?
Assuming it is, you do the following:
Make sure the focus is on the desktop or in some other application. When
it is, press numeric insert plus the space bar. A dialog pops up saying
"orca preferences". The first thing you land on is a tab list and the
first tab in the list is "speech". Arrow right and you should hear
"braille". Now tab once and you'll land on a check box saying "Enable
braille", check if it's checked, (is there an X in it?). If it's not,
press space and it should change status. Set the other settings in that
dialog to your liking and hit the "ok" button.
That should do it.
Hope this helps,

On Sun, 2006-10-01 at 16:25 +1000, Jason White wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 01, 2006 at 05:45:07AM +0200, Petra Ritter wrote:
> >  The following is happen:
> >  After I started BRLTTY the braille display get initialised but
> >  switch to the "screen is not in text mode" mode.
> >  The speech works fine.
> >  when i shutdown the system I get on the braille display the message
> >  'brltty terminated'
> What this means is that BRLTTY is working correctly, but Orca isn't setting up
> braille support properly.
> Those more experienced with Orca should be able to help further.
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