Re: Accessibilty module for colorblind people


I don't know if there is a package available for Debian/Ubuntu, but I'm
not using these distros anymore, so I created a Slackware package for
this library to support my needs.

If anyone is interested in this package it can be founded in

Best regards,

On Fri, 2006-11-03 at 09:57 +0000, Daniel Ruoso wrote:
> Qui, 2006-11-02 às 23:41 -0200, Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes
> escreveu:
> > Hi Daniel,
> > Can I plug it here? Could you explaim how the library works? There are
> > docs for this? What can you say about the library?
> Sure,
> The library, works creating an instance, and then calling the
> colorblind_filter method. Basically, you pass to it a XColor compatible
> structure and it modifies it or not, returning true if it was modified.
> If you look at the tests of the library, you'll find out how it works.
> My plan was to create another level for this library that would receive
> an XImage, and manipulate the colormap according to the needed changes
> in the image, but maybe that's not necessary.
> BTW, just for the case you don't remember where to get the library, it's
> in 
> Daniel

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