Re: Ubuntu Edgy Eft Live CD f5 menu

Eric Magnus wrote:

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to remaster the Edgy Eft Live CD so that the F5 - 3 screenreader option is permanently enabled? Can I do this as an option in isolinux.cfg, or is it something more involved than that? Also, is there any way I can create a static file that could be used by the Live CD user (so they don't have to go through the Orca Preferences menu at every logon? Basically, I'm trying to make a custom Live CD that's as easy as possible to use for a Linux neophyte blind user.

The key bits are in the 'casper' scripts which control the behaviour of the Live CD system.

apt-get source casper

to get the latest sources.

Look in casper/scripts/casper-bottom for the 30accessibility script file.

The access=v3 section contains the settings you want by default. If you remove the conditional structure and the other options it should work. I guess just adding

access v3

to isolinux.cfg should work too.

Then google for how to remaster :)


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